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98 Custom Rental - 10 Pack

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Tippmann 98 custom paintball gun rental pack of TEN. 

Tippmann 98 Rental Marker - Set of 10
Tippmann 98 Rental Marker - Set of 10

An Excellent way to start a store or field!
This package is a rental kit that includes:
-10 Tippmann 98 Custom (NON A.C.T.) paintball RENTAL markers
-10 200 Round Hoppers

The Tippmann 98 Custom paintball gun is our entry level, fully customizable marker. We are sure the Tippmann 98 custom paintball gun is the most customizable marker you can buy. With its all aluminum die cast receiver and new, extra-sturdy finish, the semi-automatic 98 Custom includes marker and maintenance pack (barrel sleeve, oil, wrenches, cleaning cable, and spare tank O-ring. Other features include a quick-release feeder elbow, removable front grip to accept expansion chamber and vertical kits, and a 200-round hopper. It’s fully compatible for CO2, compressed air, or nitrogen. Dress this paintball gun up for any paintball game battel scenario with all sorts of featured Tippmann paintball gun accessories on our website!

98 Custom:
-Semi Automatic, .68 caliber
-New extra tough finish
Permanent laser etched rental markings
-8.5" stone honed barrel
-New 3 piece all aluminum die cast receiver
-Fully upgradable with 98 Custom accessories
-Tippmann quality and service