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APS Magazine Base Plate Cover for XTP CO2 Gas Blowback Pistols

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  • Factory direct OEM replacement part
  • Threads directly into XTP CO2 magazines
  • Perfect to replace a lost or broken magazine base, or to be kept as a spare!
  • Features a durable steel construction and silicon o-rings to prevent leaks
One Step Co2 Magazine Base Cap. In 2020, APS brought to you a new End Cap device 1 Step End Cap. (Item code AC095)In this new end cap, user no longer needs to turn outer or inner part by the use of coin or tool. User can simply use a 6mm Allen Key to turn the cap. After a full secured turn, wait for 1 minute to let the Co2 flows within the magazine, the pressure will then be stablizied, thus giving you a stable shooting velocity on each shot. This new device works perfectly in most situation. However, if you were living and playing our Co2 Pistol in cold weather, say < 10 degree celsius / < 50 degree fahrenheit, we still recommned you to use our old end cap which work best in all situation.

Manufacturer: APS


Compatibility: For APS XTP Series Airsoft GBB Pistol CO2 magazines
Material: High Strength Stainless Steel, Brass