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ASG Lonex Ultimate Upgrade Airsoft AEG Sector Gear Clip - (Pack of 6)

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Made with reinforced material to secure performance, durability and reliability. The Ultimate Gear Sector clip is used to prevent accidental dry firing primarily used for high speed AEG gearbox setup. It prevents "bb skipping and dry firing" when the rate of fire is exceeding magazine bb feeding. (25+ rounds per second.). The gear sector clip is mounted on the sector gear and delays the tappet plate in its releasing time during the rotation.

Compatibility: All ASG, Tokyo Marui, Matrix, Classic Army, G&P, G&G and other similar AEG gearboxes (PSG1 and UZI excluded)
Application: Sector Clips implement a slight delay of the Tappet Plate allowing for more consistent BB feeding at higher ROF.
Material: Metal Alloy
Manufacturer: ASG