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DYE - Performance Elbow Pad

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The DYE Core Elbow Pads are a must. These pads will not slip and will save your forearms from scratches and scuffs. Designed by some of the best front players in the business, DYE elbow pads have quickly become the favorite among professionals world wide. The vented inner arm material lets your skin breath and protects you at the same time. The flexible molded elbow and forearm pads conform to your body and provide ultimate protection when your arms are in motion. Jump, slide and dive, the DYE elbow pads will keep you protected.


  • Small - Length 14.5" -Upper Width 10" -Bottom Width 7.25"
  • Medium - Length 14.5" - Upper Width 10.5" - Bottom Width 7.75"
  • Large - Length 16" - Upper Width 11.25" - Bottom Width 8.25"
  • Xlarge - Length 16" - Upper Width 12" - Bottom Width 8.75"
  • XXLarge - Length 16" - Upper Width 12.75" - Bottom Width 9.25"