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Elite Force 1911 TAC

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Every player needs a solid, reliable airsoft pistol.  One they can count on to shoot when the trigger gets pulled.  One they can count on when the game is on the line.  That’s why we offer the Elite Force 1911 TAC.  Robust metal frame, impressive blowback recoil, semi-automatic, sleek gun metal grey colorway.  Not enough?  How about a skeletonized hammer and trigger for some aggressive aesthetic nuance, 345 FPS (.20g BB) for safe CQB game play, and a 14mm counterclockwise threaded barrel in case you want to throw a mock suppressor or compensator on the tip for extra wow factor?  What’s that?  Oh you’re worried about broken parts?  No problem.  We offer Elite Force 1911 Rebuild Kits for that moment when the unthinkable happens.  Now you’ve got no excuse.  Add the Elite Force 1911 TAC to your airsoft arsenal.



  • All metal / blowback
  • CQB Legal
  • Semi-Auto
  • Skeleton Hammer / Trigger
  • 14 mm orange reverse threaded tip
  • 345 fps (.20g)
  • Single Action


Warning: You must be 18 or older to order this product. By ordering you certify that that you are at least 18 years old and satisfy your jurisdiction's legal requirements to purchase this product. Black Ops Paintball LLC relies on this representation in completing this sale.
This is not a toy. Misuse may cause serious injury or death. Eye protection designed specifically for paintball must be worn by the user and persons within range.
California Residents: This product may be mistaken for a firearm by law enforcement officers or others. Altering the color of the product or brandishing the product in public may be dangerous and may be considered a crime.
We cannot ship this product to addresses outside of the United States or to any address in New York City.