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Tippmann M4 Basic Training

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Overall a great starter airsoft gun for those that want to try airsoft with a reliable Tippmann gun out of the box.  Recommended for new players that want to try out airsoft. Very solid and feels great. Package includes battery and charger to get started!

2022 Edition - Upgraded features including locking bolt back for hopup adjustment, upgraded microswitch trigger wiring, and SHS preinstalled internal parts in its gearbox.

The new Tippmann AEG CQB M4 guns feature standard V2 metal gearboxes, high quality solid polymer body and receiver.  The gun uses standard M4 parts, accessories, etc.  Flip up sights included.  7 Inch rail system is standard on top and bottom on its sides.  It's a solid, hard hitting, consistent shooting AEG right out of the box.  Tippmann's performance really shines with their electric gun series.

Uses a standard 9.6v 1600 battery (or 7.4v lipo stick or nun-chuck).  Fits in the crane stock. 11.1v batteries are not recommended for this gun, as they can cause abnormal wear to parts inside the gearbox. COMBO BONUS: 9.6v 1400mah nun-chuck Battery and basic battery charger are included in the box. 

FPS is around 355-375 w/.20g BBs