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Tippmann TiPX Trufeed Paintball Pistol - Black

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The new TPX™ .68 Caliber Paintball Pistol is an exciting new compact design that will be dependable, lightweight, easy to maintain and affordable. The new Tippmann TPX Pistol comes with 2 magazine clips, a barrel blocking device, a maintenance kit, and a deluxe carrying case. The Tippmann Pistol has a barrel that is easy to remove. The Tippmann Pistol uses a standard Tippmann A5 or Tippmann X7 Threaded barrel. If you were to upgrade the barrel on your pistol, you would have a light weight and compact paintball gun with Great accuracy. The Tippmann Paintball Pistol uses a ¼ Turn CO2 Cap. This means is is a very coarse thread and the 12 Gram CO2 cartridge is easily punctured. This is a great feature of the pistol because it will be very easy for you to change out the CO2 in game play or with your paintball gloves on. The Tippmann Paintball Pistol houses the 12 gram CO2 cartridge just under the barrel. This makes the hand grip of the pistol feel more like a regular handgun. Most pistols store the CO2 cartridge in the magazine or in the Grip Frame making it very wide and uncomfortable.