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Umarex P2P HDP .50 Caliber Home Defense Pistol with Pepper Ammo

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Umarex P2P HDP .50 Caliber Home Defense Pistol with Pepper Ammo

Protect your home and those you love with a CO2-powered, .50 caliber air gun! Light and simple to use, the Umarex HDP (Home Defense Pistol) is powered by 12 gram CO2 cartridges and fires .50 caliber round balls - like Pepperballs - from a 6 round magazine. An ideal non-lethal alternative to firearms, the Umarex HDP .50 caliber pistol features a fiber optic front sight that's easy to put on target, a trigger safety to help prevent inadvertent discharge and an accessory rail under the barrel for lights or lasers. Protect yourself and your home through uncertain times with a Umarex HDP .50 caliber pistol. 

Includes rubber balls for practice and live Pepper balls.


T4E stands for “Training for Engagement”, a new Umarex generation of high-end training weapons for chalk balls, rubber balls and paintballs. These guns also take pepper balls, which are ideal for self-defense. Powered by CO₂ cartridges that produce a muzzle energy of 4 to 16 Joules depending on the model, they generate a realistic blowback effect.

In law enforcement, trouble-free, effective training for real emergencies is well worthwhile. The Walther PPQ M2 in 9 mm Luger, prized as a service pistol by special units and law enforcement authorities, is now also available in a .43-caliber T4E version! Realistic, safe, low-cost training is finally possible.

And for safety at home there’s the new Home Defense Revolver 50. This large-caliber gun is a real powerhouse – perfect for self-defense in your own four walls.