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Virtue CrownSF-R Speed Feed - Spire III/IV/IR/280/CTRL

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  • Locking Lid] - The CrownSF-R locks into place on the shell securely, keeping your lid locked on aggressive dives.
  • [Co-Molded Dual Materials] - Flexible plastic finger exoskeleton with ultrasoft elastic co-molded to it, minimize flexing outward and increase durability.
  • [Rubber Hinge] - Springless design with recessed rubber hinges that feed fast and flex back into place.
  • [Toolless Removable Finger] - Each SF-R finger is locked in place by an individual simple removal tab. Spare finger included with each CrownSF-R.
  • [Toolless Quick Change] - Swap your lid out for the CrownSF-R speed feed in seconds. Compatible with all CTRL loaders, Spire IR, Spire IR², Spire III and Spire IV loaders.