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Kore Outdoor

Vorsk VX-9

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Length(mm) 360
Weight (g) 873
Fire Modes Semi-auto
Barrel Length (mm) 257.7
Barrel Bore (mm) 6.03
Rails No
Approx. FPS 110-100mps
Main Materials Alu Alloy
Included Gun, Magazine, Manual, Spare Parts, Patch, ect.
Compatible Magazines VGM-03-01 Vorsk MEU/VX-9 Extented Magazine Black
VGM-03-02 Vorsk MEU/VX-9 Gas Magazine Black
VGM-03-03 Vorsk MEU/VX-9 Co2 Extended Magazine Black
VGM-03-04 Vorsk MEU/VX-9 Co2 Magazine
VGM-03-05 Vorsk MEU/VX-9 Co2 Extended Magazine Chrome
VGM-03-06 Vorsk MEU/VX-9 Gas Magazine Chrome
VGM-03-07 Vorsk MEU/VX-9 Extended Gas Magazine Chrome
VGM-03-08 Vorsk MEU/VX-9 Co2 Magazine Chrome