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Lancer Tactical Pack of 5 High Speed Magazines

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No one has ever said, "I have too much ammo!" Having extra magazines is not enough! Not only do they hold more BBs, they need to be able to feed and keep up with your gun! The new High Speed M4 130 Round Mid Cap Magazines from Lancer Tactical are exactly what you need!

These magazines are made with a high strength polymer. Based of of the M4 Platform, they fit and feed perfectly in most M4 AEGs. Holding 130 rounds of 6mm Airsoft BBs, Lancer Tactical have designed this magazine with a balance of ammo capacity and being able to feed at very high rates of fire. The Enhanced Magazine Base Plate provides a bumper when dropping the magazines on hard surfaces and a stable platform when laying prone or shooting from a flat surface. The BB Window allows you view of the BB track and to see a rough estimate of how many BBs you have remaining. On the left and right sides, at the bottom of the magazine include engraved "8" pattern shape to fill in with colored paint to help identify your magazines. These magazines give order Mid Cap Magazines a run for your money!

Manufacturer: Lancer Tacitcal
Model: High Speed Mid Cap AEG Magazine
Magazine Capacity: 130 rds
Package Includes: Five Magazines


  • Sleek / Ergonomic Design
  • Polymer Construction
  • Compatible w/ many M4/M16 Platforms
  • Enhanced Magazine Base Plate
  • BB Window for estimated amount count
  • Engraved ID Cuts
  • Feeds at high rates of fire