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Empire Mini GS Player Parts Kit

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Empire Mini GS Spare Parts
A complete spare parts replacement kit for your Empire Mini GS Paintball Gun.
72818 Trigger Set Screw x4 72517 Manifold/Foregrip Screw x1 17531 Check Valve x4 17533 Bolt Tip x3 17537 Bolt Guide O-Ring x8 17540 Poppet O-Ring x2 17542 Ball Detent x2 17543 Ball Detent Spring x2 72573 Feedneck Lever Bushing x1 72496 Feedneck Screw x1 17552 Upper Tube O-Ring x2 72364 Reg Piston Washer x1 17553 Upper Tube O-Ring x2 10761 ASA/Frame O-Ring x2 72819 Trigger Return Magnet Screw x2 72514 Grip Frame Screw x4 17567 Grip Panel Screw x4 17623 Poppet Spring x2 17629 Poppet Seal x2 40916 Bolt/Reg Piston O-Ring x8 72821 Rear Frame Screw x2 17538 Velocity Adjuster O-Ring x2 72512 ASA Lever Screw x1 72394 Trigger Pin x1 72386 Ball Detent Assembly x2 72489 ASA Pin O-Ring x2 72596 Reg Filter x1 76311 ASA Cap Set Screw x1 17530 Air Transfer Gasket x1 17532 Bolt x1 17535 Main Spring x1