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LAYLAX Aeroflex Face Guard

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  • Achieve a proper cheek weld
  • Durable silicone insert for mouth protection
  • Breathable, cool, and lightweight
  • Great for minimalist face pro
  • Easy clean and washable
  • Superior retention, and easily adjustable velcro backstrap for ease of wear
  • Can be used with a wide variety of eye protection to best suit the player's comfort
The AeroFlex Face Guard was born out of necessary as LayLax examined methods in making the airsoft experience more comfortable. The AeroFlex face guard does not strive to reinvent the wheel but rather make it a smoother ride. Achieve a proper cheek well on your rifle, keeping a natural and comfortable posture. The durable silicone insert provides a great amount of face protection with an emphasis on mouth protection. The insert is easily removed for cleaning, and the mesh face cover is washable. Additionally the insert helps redirect air and vents away from your eye pro, reducing fogging.

Manufacturer: Laylax


Head Circumference (S-M / L-XL): 59cm or Less / 59cm or More
Material: Polyester (Face Cover), Silicon (Insert)

About Prometheus / Laylax

Providing products in the Japanese market for the better part of 20 years, Laylax is well known for their high manufacturing quality and precise tolerances. Their tried and true parts and accessories have led them to be the leader in Japanese airsoft engineering.