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Lonex 8mm Gearbox V3

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Details:A Gearbox shell that has good tolerances and measurements is best for optimal performance. That being said, this Lonex Gearbox shell is favored among Airsoft mechanics due to its fine design and stable properties. This shell is made of Die Cast Zinc Alloy and is much more durable than standard Gearbox shells.

The screw mounting threads are very robust, and the tight tolerances within the Gearbox make sure that gears mesh with ideal operation.

This shell can take a variety of upgrade parts, and even comes with several high-grade Gearbox components. It is complemented with Lonex 8mm Bearings and a Tappet plate.

Lonex shells have additional reinforcement to prevent cracking, however I still recommend a Sorbothane pad for even further stress mitigation.

This V3 Gearbox is outfitted with:

- Lonex 8mm Bearings
- Lonex Reinforced Nylon V3 Tappet
- Lonex V3 Gearbox screws
- Lonex V3 Gearbox retaining strip

Overall, this is a very high quality Gearbox shell at an affordable price