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WADSN - Modular Advanced Weapon Laser (MAWL-C1+)

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1. Battery:1pcs CR123A 
2. Material:aluminum alloy
3. Without remote dual switch (double 2.5mm)
4. Operation: 
   a. Visible mode (Button A):                                                     
click button A:  Visible laser -constant on      
Double click button A : Visible laser + white light (constant on )
   b. Visible mode (Button B):          
click button B:  White Light -constant-on      
Double click button B : White Light -strobe
   c. IR mode (Button A): 
Click button A :IR laser -constacnt on 
Double click button A :IR laser+IR LED (constant on )                                                                      d. IR mode (Button B):                                                 
Click button B : IR LED-constant on                     
Double click button B :IR LED-storbe                                    
  e. Three model to change the brightness of White Light