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TAPP Airsoft Drum Magazine w/ Adapter for Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistols (Model: EF GLOCK / "Blok" Electric Drum / No Mag)

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  • The Tapp M4 Modular Adapter converts your traditional gas airsoft gun to use HPA and accept standard M4 AEG magazines (super-feed mags recommended)
  • Includes a TAPP Airsoft "Blok" drum magazine
  • Modular design allows lower to be changed to different lowers. This makes the adapter interchangeable between M4, ARP, Shotgun Shell, etc.
  • Optimized internal design provides consistent feeding and performance
  • Friction-less BB stop allows smoother feeding and prevents BB loss while reloading
  • Electric auto-winding drum mag requires 9v batteries to operate
  • Recommended 90-100 PSI

Manufacturer: TAPP Airsoft


Compatibility: Elite Force, UMAREX GLOCK and other GBB Pistols w/ VFC Blowback System | SAI BLU, ISSC M22, Lonewolf, ZEV, G&P Custom, P80, AAP-001 and other GBB Pistols w/ WE-Tech Gas Blowback System | Not compatible w/ KWC, WinGun systems
Materials: DuPont polymer
Battery: 9V (Not Included)
Capacity: 1500+ Rounds