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Tippmann TiPX Deluxe Kit

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The new Tippmann TiPX .68 Caliber Paintball gun boasts an innovative, compact design, specially engineered to be lightweight, easy to maintain, customizable, and best of all, dependable. The TPX gun is the new standard in paintball sidearms. The new Tru-Feed Magazine uses a straight feed, low tension spring system that allows the player to use a wider variety of paint and is less affected by hot or humid conditions. Pair this gun with the Remote Line Upgrade Kit and you an run this gun off of a standard paintball tank instead of 12g cartridges, making you a force to reckon with on the field. Tippmann TiPX gun Features: * Metal Trigger Punctures C02 On First Pull * 2 Self-Locking 7-Ball Magazine Clips * Quick Release Magazine Feed System * 6 1/4" barrel * Effective range of 150+ feet * Under Barrel 12 Gram C02 Air System * About 25 Shots per 12g CO2 * Easy To Load 1/4 Turn C02 Cap * External Velocity Adjuster * Internal Regulator * Ability to Add Remote Line * Ergonomically Designed Grip * Covered Ammo Windows * Removable Barrel with X7 Threads * Maintenance kit is included * Deluxe carrying case is included Maintenance Kit Includes: * Rubber Squeegee * Barrel Stopper * Allen Keys * O-Rings


The new TiPX .68 caliber paintball pistol boasts an innovative, compact design, specially engineered to be lightweight, easy to maintain, customizable, and dependable. The pistol includes two of Tippmann's new Tru-Feed Straight Stack magazines, which use a straight feed, low tension spring system.


  • Metal trigger punctures CO2 on first pull
  • Self-locking, eight-ball magazine clips
  • Quick release magazine feed system
  • Under-barrel, 12-gram CO2 air system
  • Easy-to-load, quarter-turn CO2 cap
  • External velocity adjuster
  • Internal regulator
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Covered ammo windows
  • Removable barrel with X7 threads
  • Maintenance kit and deluxe carrying case included


  • 0.68 caliber and semiautomatic firing action
  • CO2 powered with 12-gram canisters
  • Eight BPS feed and firing rate
  • Standard trigger
  • 6.25-inch barrel
  • 10.875-inch total length
  • One-pound,11-ounce weight
  • 150-foot effective range

Tippmann paintball markers include a limited two-year manufacturer's warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.