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Wolverine Airsoft

Wolverine Airsoft - Wraith X for AEG

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  • Includes everything required to use 12g, 33g CO2 cartridges or standard HPA tanks.
  • Rapidly change 12g CO2 cartridges with 2-start threaded cap featuring magnetic cartridge extractor.
  • Maximize your CO2 consistency with 2X larger expansion chamber.
  • Built-in STORM Category 5 regulator for uncompromised performance.

Lose the line, not the performance, with WRAITH X!

Manufacturer: Wolverine Airsoft


Dimensions: 10.25" x 3.25" x 2"
Weight: 0.76lb
Application: Use CO2 cartridges or a HPA tank to power your HPA M4
Gas Type: 12g CO2, 33g CO2, 13/3000 HPA Tank
Pressure range: 60-180 psi
Output energy: 1.0 2.5J adjustable (build dependent)
Approx. Shot Count:
  • Per 12g CO2 Cartridge: 200 shots
  • Per 33g CO2 Cartridge: 500 shots
  • Per 13/3000 cu HPA Tank: 1000 shots

  • Compatibility: Wolverine Airsoft M4 AEG receivers, Wolverine Inferno and most other HPA engines (Check with manufacturer)
    Package Includes: Wraith Storm Cat 5 Regulator, Milspec Buffer Tube, CO2 Expansion Chamber, 12g Cartridge holder & Cap, AEG Airline w/ Threaded Connector, Pistol Grip Base Plate, Allen Wrenches, O-Ring Kit, 2"x 3" Wraith X Patch
    Material: Aluminum alloy